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The Beginning

Be Creative

When I started this website, I had a lot of beaded jewellery I had made, so my thoughts were to share some ideas with others who are interested in beads, crafts and jewellery.

So, you will find some ideas and how I arrived at the finished product.

You will also find some of the designs with links to where I sell some of my designs and also some gemstone bead strands.

What does it mean to be creative? 

Firstly, find something you are interested in. Start learning the skills needed to create it and also keep developing your skills in that field.

Have you heard the phrase, 'You never stop learning'?

It's something I have learned over the years. There is always something to learn, something you can develop further.

When I was a child, I had the desire to learn the piano. It took not only the desire to be able to play the piano but regular lessons, practice and determination.

Although I learned the 'classical' style of piano, over the years I have learned some jazz, contemporary and improvisation.

I don't class myself as a jazz musician but the skills I learned were very valuable in developing my personal improvisation, music writing and teaching.



The Starting Place


My creativity continued to develop as a child, having learned not only piano but knitting also. This skill served me well for many years until time didn't allow me to continue.

It was at that time that I purchased a knitting machine to hasten the process. Many garments were churned out of that machine. A worthwhile investment at the time.

Now, with the change in fashion and the availability of garments from locally and overseas, I find the knitting machine put in the corner to make way for other creativity.

Another aspect while talking knitting is crochet. My grandmother was very good at crotchet. I saw many finely crotcheted doileys produced with her hands.

She tried to teach me to crotchet one day. Sadly, she gave up because she was right-handed and I am left-handed. She found it too difficult to teach me. I remember that I was only in primary school at the time and didn't have the perseverence at that time.

Many years later I did learn from a friend of mine who is also left-handed. I have never developed it to the degree my grandmother did but it was a skill I appreciated learning.

I know if I need to use it, I can read a pattern and crotchet.
When about to create a design, whether it's a necklace, bracelet or earrings, the things to take into account are colour, style and type of stone.

Working with beads has many advantages.

There are many different types of beads - gemstone, pearl, crystal, glass.​
Each type of bead has many styles - round, oval, square, flat oval, faceted 
There are also many sizes.
Over the years, I have developed in many areas of home-based business, using MLM as a base many times. At one stage I had a small home-based stationery business. Once again, these areas allowed me to develop my skills.

My typing skills from high school days coupled with the introduction of computers meant I didn't have to try to learn the computer keyboard. This made the transition much easier.

I remember asking one of my sons who was still at school at the time how to do a simple thing like using the internet.
Fortunately, he had learned this skill at school, so then it was my turn to start learning another skill set.

I developed the computer skills into not only the internet but learning to use computer software by reading manuals.

At that time, the only program I didn't learn by manual was a desktop publishing program that one of my brothers taught me by giving me a birds-eye view of it. It definitely saved me a lot of time. 

Another program I learned years ago by manual was a music writing program. Coupled together with my music theory knowledge, it became a very useful tool for teaching piano.

I found that out of all the business ventures I tried, the one I'm the most pleased with is as an affiliate of Strong Future International (SFI).

The thing I like about them is the diversity of their site. As an affiliate, I can build a residual income for the future and I can build a team of affiliates under me.

I can also purchase from TripleClicks which is like a huge shopping mall with thousands of products and ECAs (e-commerce associates). Having the access to TripleClicks is like having my own huge mall with loads of choices of products. Every time I purchase from there, I boost my affiliate income and also gain MRP (member reward points) to save and use to purchase other goods, use on auctions or games.

If you are interested in an affiliate business and/or shopping, games and auctions, here are a couple of links for you to check out.


The choice of beads is the next decision.

Will I use one type of bead or a mixed selection?
Which colour or mix of colours?
Which shape? Which size or sizes?
My selection

  This time my selection was black onyx, using faceted beads.

  Blending different sizes make a stunning necklace.

  For this necklace, I used 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm  and 14 mm.
One thing I have always adopted is that there is always something to learn from every thing I do, whether it is developing a craft or a business idea.

Over the years I have developed in both areas, learning loads of valuable skills.

On this site, I plan to develop it into a site with practical skills in more than one area.

The beginning has been the beading. I plan to develop the music and also the business area.

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