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Learn to Play Piano

My creativity in music started many years after my initial piano lessons at the age of about 9 yrs.

At that time, I did what every budding musician does! Practise! Practise! Practise!

It was my desire to learn to play the piano that triggered my enthusiasm to do the necessary piano practice.

Learning these skills developed through both practising the piano and also learning the theory of music, both which I found necessary to develop my skills.

After the initial elementary pieces, I progressed into Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) graded pieces, following up with some exams.

In my teens I decided to diversify into contemporary music, once again learning these pieces from sheet music and albums of written music, until following through with more piano lessons but this time with a contemporary piano teacher who taught me some basic piano improvisation amongst other things.

These skills were invaluable to me and were the basis for a lot of my piano playing for many years.

After many years, I decided to increase my piano skills some more by taking some more lessons and achieving more exams in the AMEB syllabus. These skills developed my piano teaching, together with the experience of both playing the piano and teaching the piano.

It was after this when I decided to take some jazz lessons. Even though I don't classify myself as a jazz pianist, these skills were so beneficial for developing my current style of playing piano with improvisation.

They were also beneficial for teaching certain parts of the AMEB syllabus.

I know there are many people who have the desire to play the piano but perhaps haven't had the opportunity to learn.

My preference has always been to have individual lessons because the student can be helped with piano technique by the piano teacher.

I'm also aware that not everyone is in the situation to be able to do this.

What other options are there?

Here is one option.

I found a piano course online which is quite comprehensive and caters for all.

Below is a link for this course. Take a look at it.